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The uber clone app ensures a world-class transport experience

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Uber is one of the world’s leading ride-sharing apps operating in more than 65 countries. It is valued at over $112 billion now.

The ready to use uber clone software that we offer contains Android and iOS apps for passengers and drivers, a ride-booking website, an admin panel, and a dispatcher panel.

The core characteristics of the uber clone app are

Push notifications are issued round the clock to the users to inform them about their ride confirmation, offers and discounts, and the location of the driver.
Promo codes are available to provide exciting discounts for the users. It can also be shared by them with their friends and family members.
All rides can be tracked on a real-time basis. Other information like the driver’s names, contact number, and vehicle number will also be available.
There is an in-app messaging facility for the customers to instantly communicate with the drivers. This ensures the timely sharing of information without any delay.

Get hold of the on-demand uber clone now and kickstart a huge revolution in the transportation industry soon.

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