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Build your all-in-one app using our robust Gojek clone

Clone of: GoJek Author: INORU
Language: PHP License: Free

Gojek app is simply a multi-service app developed exclusively with the idea of solving day-to-day problems instantly by providing all services under one roof. Yes, developing an app like Gojek is a booming and profitable business idea for an entrepreneur. Are you such a dedicated person looking to build a Gojek app? If so, build and launch your multi-service app with Inoru's user-friendly Gojek clone app built with extensive customization.

Our Gojek clone app majorly helps even many professionals out there who cannot find their potential users. To be precise, our clone app not just benefits your business but also benefits your users and the professionals in the app for all gamut of services.

Gojek clone - Basic workflow

-User logs in to the app by registering their credentials
-Now users are prompted to add their location.
-Then the user selects the types of service needed, the date, and the time.
-The app shows the accurate fare before booking the service.
-If the user is satisfied with pricing, they can proceed further.
-After availing of the service, process the payment and share their review, thereby helping fellow users while booking.

Enter into this lucrative multi-service business by developing your app with our customizable Gojek app and steal the limelight in the market by sustaining in the business sector for the long run, thereby benefiting your business and have high returns in no time.

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