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Track your payment and translation with INORU PayPal clone

Clone of: Paypal Author: James Anderson
Language: PHP License: Paid

The banking hustle is made easy with online banking facilities that enable you to perform every simple task related to banking in a more compact platform online. Applications like Paypal, google pay, rupay are the most common mode to make payments and track banking activities. Any banking institution they do have online facilities to create traction, get loans, checks, etc., without visiting the bank.
The need for online payment and banking facilities is increasing among users. If you are an entrepreneur looking to carry out your business transaction online, you could develop one exclusively for your business activities in a safe and secured platform. INORU is here to lend its service in this niche.

The payment process of Paypal Clones
After the installation, it insists on a unique log process.
With the login ID and password, you enter the PayPal clone interface.
The bank details are collected to make the transaction directly fall into your account.
You can either pay or receive.
While paying, you will have the confirmation process secured with a pin or password.
A text message is dropped once the transaction is successful.
In case of receiving payment, you will be either notified by text message on your phone. And the Pay Pal clone will list your out transactions details, where you will find the payment made to you.
Or you can also request money from someone to pay you by dropping a text in the PayPal interface. Different options are made available to receive the requested amount to your account.

Choose INORU to develop your Paypal clone with more efficiency
INORU can incorporate exclusively features for a PayPal clone; we hear the developers' needs and create an application that meets their needs.
Two-step verification can be incorporated
Secured interface
Reduce transaction fee
Feasible management
Highlight analysis
And many other amenities can be included in a PayPal clone developed by INORU. We ensure the satisfaction of the client at an affordable cost to carry out your business transaction efficiently.

Final Verdict
For those looking to develop a complete business payment transaction application to track and efficiently manage the financial business operation, INORU is here to lend its excellent service with an advanced solution to develop an application similar to PayPal.

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