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Uber Clone Script - aPurple

Clone of: Uber Author: Mahil Jasani
Language: Java License: Paid

Uber clone script by aPurple can prove to be the best solution for your taxi business. The uber clone provided by them can be customized as per your requirements. In short, uber app clone works as a bridge between your business and users.

The best thing here is aPurple provides some unique features for Uber clone script that are a gem to your business.

Features for Passengers’:

Easy Registration & Sign-In
Push Notifications
Account Management
Social Media Login
Quick Bookings
Live Tracking
Live Chat With Driver
Real-Time Updates
In-App Payments
Seamless Payments
Security & Ratings
Password Recovery
Ratings & Reviews
Offers and Promos

Features for Taxi Drivers’:

Unique Driver Profile
Quick Registration
Social Media Login
Set Availability
Reloads Ride Feature
Accept/Decline Ride Request
Ride Details
Track Payments
Push Notifications
Contact With Dispatcher
Previous and Upcoming Trip Log
Post My Location Feature

Features for Admin Panel:

Create Sub Admins
Multi-Level Admin Access
Complete Dashboard
Driver Management
Passenger Management
Analytics & Reports
God’s Eye View
View Transaction History
Block Transport Company/Users
Add/Edit/Delete Various Profiles
Manage Payment Accounts

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