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On-demand grocery delivery application: Get more. Payless.

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Language: PHP License: Free

Every house needs groceries regularly. It is not possible to make a trip to the store every time. Neither all have the patience or the time to make the trip. We try to manage it with the existing items. There is no need to compromise when there is a solution like the Happyfresh clone app. The application delivers the purchased items to our doorstep at the estimated date and time. It has multiple options of payment like the paytm, credit card, or even cash upon delivery options. The user's dashboard comprises transaction histories, favorite products, and saved locations. The often searched items get stored as favorites, and it is suggested during the future search.

Big baskets are said to get 283,000 a day and grofers servicing 19,000 orders a day. Currently, there is a rising demand for grocery delivery services that even food delivery organizations like swiggy have taken up for the time being.

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