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Ondemand Local Bitcoin Clone Scripts

Clone of: On Demand Author: jaydanangela
Language: PHP License: Free

There is a specific set of features that a Local Bitcoin clone needs, to function seamlessly. Some of such attributes are:

Social media login
In-built escrow
Wallet development
Two-factor authentication
Anti Money Laundering (AML)/Know Your Customer (KYC) verification
Multi Currency support
Multilingual support
Escrow support
Live price ticker
Email and Push notifications
Multiple payment gateways
Search and filter option
Ratings and review system

You should ensure that the Local Bitcoin clone script you opt for has the features mentioned above for the smooth functioning of your fully developed cryptocurrency exchange platform. The significant advantage of choosing these clone scripts is that they come with the needed attributes pre-packed, enabling you to set up your cryptocurrency exchange platform in the shortest time possible at affordable prices.

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